The Crawford Family

This story was written by Nancy Caldwell, Sect. Brooke Co. Historical Society

     2 Aug 1973.

     From records kept by GEORGE B. CRAWFORD, we found the following history of his family:

     THOMAS CRAWFORD was born in Maryland in 1782, died at Mt. Vernon, Mo. in 1838. He was the father of CORNELIUS HOWARD CRAWFORD, ROBERT, GEORGE H., JOSEPH AND THOMAS CRAWFORD by his marriage with HELEN HAMMOND, and by his second marriage with MRS. FRANCES CATTS, he had one son, Charles.

     HELEN HAMMOND, wife of THOMAS CRAWFORD, was born in Brooke County, Va and died in Brooke County Va on April 11, 1827.

     Cornelius Howard Crawford was born in Brooke County, Va. on Sep 8, 1814, and died in Wharton, Texas Aug 28, 1859. He married MARIA SCOTT MOREN who was born in Wellsburg, Va. Nov 5, 1815, died Mar 3, 1884. Cornelius and Maria were married June 11, 1837....They had the following children: George Byron Crawford, born Nov 14, 1838;.. Mary Helen Crawford, born Feb 18, 1842 died Aug 23, 1843;.. Narcissus and Eliza, George W., .Maria S.,. Caroline, .Harriet D., .Narcissus D., John J., .James M., .William and Robert.

     Eliza Moren married Jesse Strawbridge and they had George W. who died Mar 24, 1885; .Narcissus, who died Apr 29, 1889; .William who died in 1849 and Caroline who died Mar 18, 1871. James went to California in 1832 and was never heard from after that.

     George Hammond Crawford, son of Thomas Crawford, died June 20, 1891, age 75 yrs. Robert Wells Crawford born March 3, 1812 died October19, 1873 in Missouri. Joseph Crawford died in Texas, and Charles Crawford died in California.

     George B. Crawford and Margaret Hale were married Feb 13, 1889 and had the following children: Maria Hale Crawford born Feb 14, 1890; .Oscar F. Crawford, who married Emma Everett; .John M. Crawford who married Elizabeth Gossett of Steubenville and William M. Crawford, who married Martha Perkins.

Brooke Co. Genealogy.

     In the early Brooke Co. Families I found the family of George B. Crawford. I restore old cemeteries for the fun and the history. I have dug up the stone of Thomas Crawford the son of George B. Crawford. Thomas was born in 1782 in MD. died 1838 This is an old stone, Lawrence Co., Mo. wasn' t a county till 1845. I am sure the families of Crawfords would like the information. Some of the information of George B. Crawford is not right. Thomas Crawford was buried in the old Neely Cemetery south of Mt.Vernon Lawrence Co., Mo. not Mt Vermore Mo.

     If you would like the info. and a picture of the stone I will be more than glad to send them to you. Ray

Ray G. Richardson
105 E Olive St
Mt. Vernon Mo

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Robert W. or Wells Crawford was the son of Thomas Crawford and Helen Hammonds

The Crawford Cemetery is located in the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 6, Township 27, Range 26. It is located a short distance east of the main road on private property. It is fenced and covered with brush. This survey was made 21 March 1965, by Fred G. Mieswinkel


Fannie M. Catts May 10, 1840- Dec 7, 1910

? footmarker, G.N.C. , next to Fannie above

Mary A. Feb 1, 1821 - July 19, 1910

Geo. N. Feb 13, 1812 - Dec 9, 1861


Robert Wells Crawford Mar 3, 1812 Oct 19, 1873

Jane Ann, wife of W.R. Crawford, Oct 17, 1813 Sep 6 1888

Frances, wife of T. Crawford Feb 8, 1792 Apr 24, 1890

(taken from tombstone inscriptions book Lawrence Co Historical Society.)


Thos L. Catts Dec 6, 1817 Apr 23, 1880

This information donated by

Ray G. Richardson

Mt. Vernon, MO